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1 - THRELKELD & DISTRICT  (14th December 2008)

Do you have connections with Threlkeld, Cumbria, England, whether that be family history, local history, residence or as a visitor. you will find descriptions of the area both now and in the past, and historical information on the people, school, buildings, mines, farming and other features and activities.

Church Finances
St Mary's Sunday Club
Keswick 125 Years Ago
to December 1883 (update coming soon)

LATEST - Threlkeld Public Rooms Revitalisation options

(17th October 2010)

Keswick Museum (in Station Road) was been in danger of being closed. However with the joint efforts of the Keswick Museum Steering Group, Friends of Keswick Museum and now Keswick Museum and Art Gallery Management Ltd (set up for the purpose) with Allerdale Borough Council (the sole trustee) the future now looks more rosy.

Redevelopment Progress and Appeal to match HLF Grant
The Museum continues to be FREE

3 - FAMILY & FAMILY HISTORY (17 June 2007)

 Mainly about my own families (see below) but also families connected with Threlkeld such as Martin and some other localities with which my family has been connected. My descent from Pocahontas. (The Clock Tower has a special section on her for the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown Virginia.) Summary of our Canadian holiday may help others planning a visit.

4 - MINING HISTORY & TECHNOLOGY (4th January 2008)

 Lakeland mines mainly. Local museums of interest. MOLES Mining Heritage walks

5 - SAIL RACING (12th March 2007)

 Particularly Handicapping, Management of Handicap Races, and the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme. Average Lap Racing Guide

If you want to contact me meantime then try e-mailing me Stuart Cresswell

The main family names (and locations) are:

CRESSWELL Hereford, Worcester England
Glamorgan Wales
Victoria Australia
  New Zealand
HUDDLESTON (formerly CROFT) Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, London, Cambridge, Hampshire England
Ontario Canada
  New Zealand
MARTIN Cumberland, Westmorland England
Glamorgan Wales
SYMONDS Suffolk, Warwickshire, Shropshire England
Natal South Africa
ROBINSON Antrim Ireland
London England
Island of Dominica WI
JAMES Glamorgan, Brecon Wales
ARCHBELL Yorkshire England
Natal South Africa

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Threlkeld is about 4 miles east of Keswick on the A66 Penrith to Keswick Road which by-passes Threlkeld village itself. The community is in two main parts Threlkeld village itself to the north and the Threlkeld Quarry village on the south side of the valley through which the River Glenderamackin flows. To the north overlooking Threlkeld village is Blencathra (or Saddleback) at 2847 one of the highest fells in the English Lake District. opposite is Clough Head the northernmost point of the Helvellyn Range. Both fells have the remains of several hundred years of mining for lead, zinc, iron pyrites and antimony and the quarrying of high quality micro-granite. Blencathra is one of the most popular Lake District hills for fell walking and A Wainright devoted 35 pages to its descripion. The Quarry village was built specifically for the quarry workers though in addition now are 14 houses of the Threlkeld Housing Association built to provide low cost housing for the two civil parishes which border the River Glenderamackin - Threlkeld and St John's in the Vale. The church parishes are different because the north end of St John's in the Vale including Threlkeld Quarry village was added to St Mary's Threlkeld early in the 20th century. Both villages house local workers and retired people as well as those who have retired to Threlkeld. Also a significant proportion of houses are second homes, self catering lets, guest houses and bed & breakfast accommodation. Threlkeld has a long history with the earliest known being the Iron Age settlement above the Quarry under Clough Head. though some Threlkeld buildings may be nearly 400 years old (one - the Old Joiners Shop dates to the late 1500s) they may be on the sites of older building replaced in the 1600s. St Mary's Church was rebuilt in 1776 and restored in 1912. Boys used to be taught in the church. The schoolmaster was usually the assistant curate. After the church rebuilding a School House was built in Blease Road (or Duck Street), opposite to present Threlkeld Church of England School buildings There used to be several shops in the village but retail commerce now comprises two pubs the Horse & Farrier Inn and the Salutation Inn, the part-time Post Office and the paper shop. Two miles to the east is a third pub the White Horse at Scales. Other businesses in Threlkeld are several farms, the Blencathra Centre of the Field Studies Council at the former Sanatorium, Four Seasons food company near the old Woodend Mine, several builders, painters etc working from home or premises outside Threlkeld and a number of small businesses based at the Blencathra Business Centre on the near the old railway station (on the Cockermouth keswick and Penrith line closed in 1972). Also right in the quarry is the Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum. As well as St Mary's Church there used to be three chapels. A Methodist chapel near Scales built in 1842 now a holiday home, a Mission Room built in 1885 and recently sold for development into a home and the Wesleyan Chapel at the Quarry now a home. Nearby in Keswick are several museums including Keswick Museum and Art Gallery which is under threat of closure. However both Friends of Keswick Museum and the Keswick Museum and Art Gallery Management Lyd are working hard with the trustee to find viable solutions. An Endowment Fund is to be set up. Several families in Threlkeld have a long family history and the family history (genealogy) of them and other familes connected with the author such as Cresswell, Martin, Robinson, Huddleston, Croft, Symonds, Elwin are included. The author has been concerned with handicap racing of sailing boats (emprical handicapping of sail races) for over 48 years and was Chairman of the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Advisory Panel and a member of the ISAF Empirical Hamdicapping Committee.